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Aswan Is Where It All Began

Join me, as we travel to where and when it all began. Come along as I take you on this Egyptian Journey.

To my city – to my home. Aswan, Egypt.

I remember being a young boy, clinging to my father in one hand, and my toy boat in the other. The first time I looked out at the Nile River, as the water rushed against clusters of rocks and islands. I knew that I was in a magical place. It was well known that even though the Nile was beautiful – here, in Aswan – it was the most stunning to look at.

The way the water gently flowed against the granite rocks I stood along the banks,  admiring the delicacy and the beauty it held. Captivating, was how the palm gloves and tropic plants lined the island. The beauty was breathtaking and wondrous to be a part of. I was born to be a part of Aswan just like Aswan is a part of me. With that, I will cherish that part of me forever.

your guide in egypt

“This is me – Faris – Arabian word meaning ‘Knight’ “


Aswan Is My Home

I will always remember the soft, hot sand of the Sahara. Down by the water was the perfect place to unwind. Since I was a little boy, playing in the banks of the Nile River, I knew very early on the beauty in which Aswan held. My friends and I would spend many hours soaking up the sun down by the river playing with our boats. Even though my boat had a few holes at the bottom, to which the water would run through, this never got in the way of the fun we had gliding it back and forth through the water.

The bright colours on the boat matched the playful colours of the Nubian houses that ran along the streets. The relaxed, peaceful atmosphere of Aswan makes it one of the most joyous places to visit in Egypt.

Riding the Felucca

I remember the excitement of seeing a Felucca. The traditional wooden sailboat would often usher tourists through the calm waters as it passed through.  I was down by the water playing with my favourite boat – my parents not too far away as I caught a glimpse.

As the boat headed upstream, presumably towards the popular Cataract or Islands – I watched. Curiously, I got closer to the edge of the water and took in the sight of all the tourists.

They looked back at me as I gave them a soft wave and a smile. My eyes drifted over to the guide. I could feel the pang in my heart as I noticed that he was not a local, like myself. I was happy that the others were learning of my beautiful world, but the yearn for showing them the true ins and outs to the beauty of the land, came over me.


Welcome to my world

I couldn’t help but start to sing this traditional, Nubian song :

The words escaped my mouth as I was overcome with need to want to share with them my culture. I saw the excitement and curiosity across their faces. The love and adoration for Aswan filled me up inside and I couldn’t help but wonder if these guides knew the same truth, history, and stories as I did.

To be someone who lived and breathed this quiet, peaceful, wonderful city – I wanted to be that guide. I wanted to share with them all that I knew and watch their faces light up with joy and amusement.

I dreamed from then on about becoming a guide myself and sharing my stories about my Nubian People.

Let me show you wonders of Aswan

Come along on this journey with me, as I take you through the epic history. Let me show you the magnificent, largest island in Aswan, Elephantine. With it’s wonderful, peaceful gardens, or it’s significant artifacts. How about the hidden secrets of Cairo, which no other guide can tell you. I can guide you through the peaceful environment of the Nubian Museum and the Temple of Kalabsha. Showing you the beautiful views and the relaxing atmosphere.

Yet, it is not only about the places you will go – but, the people you will meet. The people of Arwan are just as playful and sweet as their colourful homes. With their charming smiles and their hospitable ways, they are the heart of what makes the Nubian influence so strong. Let me show you the animals that would surround you. The bold stripes of a Hoopoes’ wings, or the calls from a hooded crow.

These are only a sample of what you will find when coming along my journey. The rich stories, and history of my culture.

That same excitement that came over me that day out by the edge of the Nile – has stuck with me to this day. I will never grow tired of immersing others in the wonderful culture of the Nubian people of Aswan, Egypt. Come along and explore. See beyond what the guidebooks or tour guides wish you to see. See the history and the culture through the eyes of someone who has lived the beauty themselves. I will show you further than any guidebook. I will show you the truth of Aswan and the rest of Egypt as well.