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How To Go To Abu Simble

How Travelers Can Get To Abu Simble ?

Well, a traveler can choose from the below-mentioned methods to get into Abu Simble depends on budget, desired comfort level, and schedule.

1) By Air

Abu Simble can be reached through the Abu Simble International Airport, from Aswan or Cairo. Unfortunately, Egypt Air is the only carrier that operates regular flights to Abu Simble. Prices are a little bit higher than it should be and range between $175 ~ $250 for a return ticket between Cairo and Abu Simble.

On the other hand, a return ticket between Aswan and Abu Simble will cost about  $130. Flights from Cairo is via Aswan and it takes almost 2 hours, while from Aswan is just 25 minutes. Egypt Air offers a soft drink or a cup of water between Aswan and Abu Simble while passengers from Cairo enjoy a light meal and a soft drink as well.

2) By Road

The road between Aswan and Abu Simble which is almost 250 KM is just newly paved and it takes passengers to the city directly in almost 3 hours. You can enjoy a scenic ride which during you can view a beautiful landscape.

3) Lake Nasser Cruise

Moreover, many Nile Cruise ships, with deluxe services and luxurious facilities sail down the Nile from Luxor, Aswan, and then to Abu Simble on a marvelous journey. If you are after a spoiled, lazy and luxurious type of journey then this one is for you.

These vessels schedule is similar to that of normal Nile Cruises between Luxor and Aswan as they sail in three nights and four nights programs. No doubt that cruising the Lake Nasser and exploring the Nubian treasures is another great adventure that travelers to Egypt can enjoy.