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Unfortunately, there are not too many hotels in Abu Simbel. However, most visitors hardly stay the night and just visit the temples while returning that same day. In Abu Simble, there’s an option of the luxurious Seti Hotel if you’re considering staying over for one or more nights. The implication is that the hotels in Abu Simbel area often experience low patronage and have to hike their prices to make up for this resulting into steep rates per room.

These prices tend to drop in the summer in order to attract customers by offering them a reprieve from the day’s heat. However, the view of the sun rising over the Temple of Rameses II is a truly exhilarating sight and will be well worth the expense of securing a room for the night before.

If you’re willing to stay but don’t want to bear the cost of the expensive rooms at the Seti Hotel and others, then there are a couple of more pocket-friendly accommodations in a guest lodge known as Abu Simbel village which tries to replicate a village scene with simply built rooms arranged in a patio.

For those who can afford the Seti Hotel though, the rooms are built cottage-style and they afford excellent views of the picturesque Lake Nasser. Delectable cuisines are also offered at the Hotel’s restaurant. Apart from the Seti Abu Simbel, there are some other standard hotels in Abu Simble like the Nefertari (named after Ramses’ queen) located on Ayiou Antoniou street only a short distance from the Temple of Hathor built in honor of the queen. While it may not be as upscale as the Seti, the Nefertari is also a decent accommodation in its own right.

But if you’d rather settle for experiencing the local lifestyle, then the Eskaleh is where you want to be with its buildings erected from mud-bricks. It also offers some privacy and comparative silence with just five guest rooms in all and the traditional Nubian culture is incorporated into life at the hotel.

Updated On March 17, 2020