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Dining & Restaurants In Abu Simble 

Being a small town, there are not too many Restaurants in Abu Simble but all hotels in town have restaurants that offer a variety of meals.

Eskaleh Nubian House

Part Nubian cultural center with a library dedicated to Nubian history and culture, part ecolodge in a traditional Nubian mud-brick house, Eskaleh is known locally as the Nubian house (Beit an-Nubi).

It is not an exaggeration to say that Eskaleh is the most interesting place to stay in the town of Abu Simble. You can stop by Eskaleh for a quick lunch as well.

The owner of the facility is Fikry el Kashef, a very friendly and highly educated Nubian guy who speaks fluent English and French.

Fikry used to work as a tour guide for years, then created this wonderful enclave beside the lake with the idea of sharing the Nubian experience with interested foreigners. Cozy, comfortable and simple rooms with local furniture, fans, air-con., and good private bathrooms.

His excellent Nubian cook prepares tasty home-cooked meals with organic produce from Fikry’s garden and fish from the lake. The night here is quiet but sometimes Fikry plays music with his friends, or he hosts performances of Nubian music and dance.

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Toya Cafe 

A new place in town serving breakfast for early arrivals, or simple local cuisine in a lovely garden or madly painted rooms inside. It’s a good place to stop for a drink or to smoke a sheesha.