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Currency in Abu Simble


Getting Around Abu Simble

Getting around Abu Simble is easy and very safe. The town itself is small enough to navigate on foot. However, shared public Mini-Vans “Servees” are also available at a very cheap price.

If you are staying your night in the town of Abu Simble and planning to go to see the amazing Sound and Light Show which runs everyday, you better ask your hotel to arrange a Taxi for you. Usually, Taxi driver takes you to the temple and wait for you to take you back to where you stay. Expect to pay something between 150LE and 225LE.

For travelers who might like to go to the temple on foot, we can comfortably claim that Abu Simble is one of the safest places on earth to wander at any time in daylight or even late nights.

Updated On April 07, 2020