The Temple Of Amada 

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The Temple Of Amada

About The Temple

The building of The Temple of Amada was started by the Pharaoh Tuthmosis III in the 15th century and was completed by other pharaohs who succeeded him, it was dedicated to the gods Amon-Re and Re-Herakhte.

This site is remarkable because it is renowned for being the last surviving building on Lake Nasser with some of the most intricate and aesthetically carved images in any of the Nubian temples (Rameses II’s great temple included).

Another remarkable fact about this site is the existence of two historically important engravings; one that recorded the invasion of Libya by Egypt in 1209 BCE and another that documented the punishment meted out on the arrowheads of a Syrian insurrection in 1425 BCE.

Also, the site has not always been where it currently is. Its initial location was about 2.5 km from its present site before it got moved between 1964 and 1975.

Updated On March 16, 2020