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The satellite town on Sohag’s east bank covers the ruins of the ancient Egyptian town of Ipu. The town itself is built over the ruins of a predynastic settlement. Located to the east of Sohag, Akhmim is a suburb of Egypt that is sited at the location of what used to be the town known as Ipu. Interestingly, Ipu itself was also located on the ruins of a community that existed before the rise of the dynasties.

Back to the present, Akhmim is renowned for one of the oldest trades in Egypt- weaving, textiles, and draperies. An open-air museum is located close in the town and it is surrounded by many shops that display the wares of the highly skilled weavers and textile makers of the town.

The modern town of Akhmim is now famous for its fine weaving and tapestries – one of Egypt’s oldest industries. There are several shops close to the open-air museum which demonstrate the craft and sell the beautiful Akhmim textiles.

Updated On March 18, 2020