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The Holy Family Trip In Egypt

The story of the holy family’s journey from Palestine to Egypt has long been recorded with dedication by historians and authors around the world. Many look upon the journey as a mark in the history of Egypt, not merely a religious event. Egyptians look with fondness and pride on the passage of the holy mother and her child through the land of Egypt, and the fact that they found solace here


Trace the footsteps of the Holy Family from start to finish.
Visit some of the most spiritual monasteries in Egypt.
Be amazed by visiting the rarely seen ancient ruins in Farma.
Socialize with Monks when visiting Wadi El Natrun monasteries.
The legendary Abu Simble visit is also included.
Spend some time in a romantic Felucca and enjoy stunning views.
Be blown away by the wonderful reliefs on Dendera Temple’s walls.
Enjoy a relaxed sail on the board of your luxurious Nile Cruise.


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