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Currency in Alexandria


Getting Around Alexandria

Public Transportation

Within Alexandria, there are a number of public transit options, including the tram network, the commuter rail, and public buses. There are also the informal microbuses, but since Alexandria has a public bus system, you don’t need to rely on these as they can be difficult to figure out.

Here is a good breakdown of transportation options within Alexandria although concrete information is difficult to provide and hard to attain. Schedules can be difficult to find so check at bus and tram stops, or ask at a hotel for assistance. Having the names of places you want to go written down in Arabic as well as English can make it easier for locals to point you in the right direction.

Note that numbers are often written in Arabic so having a table of Arabic number with you is a very smart idea.

Taxis, Uber & Careem

Taxis are also abundant although best to ask hotel staff or a local for normal fare prices and be very clear in negotiating fares with drivers. Recently, Uber & Careem “Uber’s Competitor” is also available in Alexandria which is a great option as it is very safe and will save you the hassle of negotiating prices in the Arabic language

Guided Tours

This option is available at all times if you want to save your self the hassle. Here you can see a full list of Alexandria tours.


Updated On April 21, 2020