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Diving in Alexandria

While many divers may be held captive by the Red Sea, Alexandria offers a quirky alternative, as the ocean floor contains ancient artifacts left by everyone from pharaohs to WWII pilots.

Quick Facts

Unlike the red sea, you won’t find colorful corals and clear water. What you will find is underwater cities, palaces, and wrecks, with an estimated 7000 artifacts and monuments from the Pharaonic and Roman eras.

With the vast amount of history, diving in Alexandria is popular among history buffs, but presents a few challenges. Visibility in the area is often less than 15 feet, and government permits must be obtained prior to diving. Rules for the permits are often changed without notice if they think divers may be collecting artifacts for private collections.

Four Dive Types around Alexandria

  1. Near the shore in the Eastern Harbor are ancient ruins from the pharaohs, Romans, and Greeks, including remains of the Pharos Lighthouse and Fort Quaibey. The most popular site is Cleopatra’s Underwater City, built by Alexander the Great, featuring sphinx status, Roman columns, and a status of Mark Anthony.
  2. To the east is Abu Quir Bay, where the Napoleonic battle of the Nile was fought, leaving behind several wrecks for the advanced diver to explore. Beginners can dive around some ruins and a shallow wreck of an airplane from World War II. 
  3. Further from shore is Omu Sukan, Alexandria’s best sea creatures dive. It’s common to be greeted by curious eagle rays, and the occasional whitetip reef shark.
  4. Five hours west of Alexandria is Siwa Oasis, a crystal-clear fresh-water dive featuring rubble from construction in the Roman era along with freshwater fish. Nearby Bedouin villages can provide fascinating overnight accommodations.

We hope enjoy diving around Alexandria and invite you to share your favorite with us.

Updated On April 23, 2020