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Qaitbey Fort

Sultan Qaitbey Fort 

This awesome military fortress is built on a magic spot on the Eastern harbor of Alexandria. The founder is the very famous Mamluk king; Qaitbey who built it at the end of the 15th century, to defend the city from any overseas attacks and later on the fort turned to be one of the most important landmarks of Alexandria and among the most popular touristic visits throughout the whole country.

Built using the stones of the ancient Pharaohs lighthouse, which collapsed maybe one thousand years before the building of the fort, the building appears like a sand castle from far away, despite the fact that it is an imposing huge structure.

The Qaitbey Fort is one of the rare examples of the military constructions of the Mamluks in Egypt. Although many Mamluk rulers built various castles and forts around Egypt, almost all of them were destructed with time passing by.

The fort also hosts the first mosque ever erected in Alexandria. Although the fort was badly damaged during the British attack on Egypt in 1882, many of the sections of the fort like the many chambers, the Mihrab of the mosque, and the structure as a whole survived in a fine condition until today.

Enjoyed by children as much as by grownups, the fort is amazing and it also offers remarkable views of the Mediterranean Sea.