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Background About The Museum

With a collection of almost 2,000 artefacts and objects including weapons, regalia, tools, ornaments and so on that speak volumes about Alexandria, the Alexandria National Museum is perhaps one of the must-see historical sites in Alexandria.

This museum was opened to the public in 2003 and is sited at the former location of an Italian palace that housed the American Consulate in the city. The 3-storey museum was fully renovated and prepared to host some of the most amazing artefacts that belong to the main four periods of Egyptian history: Islamic, Coptic, Greco-Roman, and Ancient. 

In addition to that ancient stuff, the museum also has a collection of more modern items such as royal jewels and some very interesting antique coins. This is one of the places which deserves paying for a camera permit and start photographing the unique displays in its chambers. 


Updated On April 21, 2020