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A lot of tourists in Aswan will travel on cruise boats, so they get to eat on them. But you can still find a lot of nice relaxing restaurants onshore as well. Some of these restaurants service alcoholic beverages. Credit card payments are even accepted too.

Let’s explore some of the most popular restaurants in Aswan.

1) 1902

If you go to the Old Cataract Hotel, then you’ll find a grand dining experience at The 1902. Look for it underneath the huge Moorish-style dome. They have some of the best chefs in the world, including chefs from France. You’ll find luxurious food choices, such as French duck, Red Sea fish, Italian cheese and oils, a vast wine selection, and so much more. The service you receive is as outstanding as the structure itself. Guests are encouraged to dress up and look just as nice too.

2) Sunset

The restaurant is called “Sunset” for a reason. It is really a terrace café which offers spectacular views of the First Cataract during sunset. The terrace is shaded, so you can enjoy the sunset without having the sun in your eyes. Meanwhile, you can feast on some pizza while sipping on a soothing mint tea. A lot of the locals like to come to Sunset at nighttime. You can ride in a taxi to get there any time of the day or night.

3) Nubian Beach

Nubian Beach is a Nubian-style café and restaurant. It is located on the western Nile riverbank inside of a peaceful and relaxing garden. A very tall sand dune is seen in the background too. The food is good, and you can enjoy some alcoholic beverages too. The best part is listening to the Nubian musicians who perform live for the guests.

4) Ad-Dukka

If you go to Elephantine Island, then you can enjoy another Nubian restaurant called Ad-Dukka. The Nubian cuisine is served in huge portion sizes, while the environment is friendly and relaxing. Many customers have recommended this restaurant. The dock near the EgyptAir office features a free ferry that will take you to the island.

5) Salah ad-Din

Salah ad-Din is another restaurant next to the Nile River. It contains numerous terraces for those who want to dine outside, or you can enjoy the indoor dining room with very cool air-conditioning in it. Besides Nubian and Egyptian foods, there are several other types of food dishes that are inspired by countries from around the world. You’ll enjoy this restaurant a lot because of the variety of food available.

6) Panorama

Here is another terrace restaurant on the side of the Nile River. You can watch the river as you enjoy some fresh juice, herbal tea, Egyptian stews, salads, all-day breakfast foods, chips, rice, or so many other choices. Clay pots are used for cooking the stews, which helps add to their taste.

7) Al-Makka

If you like to eat meat, then you will enjoy Al-Makka. People love this restaurant because of its delicious fresh skewer-grilled kebabs with kofta. You can also order tahini salad, bread, chicken, and even pigeon.

8) Aswan Moon Restaurant

You can enjoy a nice dinner at the Aswan Moon Restaurant. The range of food choices includes international cuisines as well as local Egyptian delights. You’ll find everything from grilled food, mezze, and pizza varieties.

Updated On May 04, 2020