Currency in Aswan


Getting Around Aswan


The best way to visit the temple is to come on a tour or a private taxi. A private taxi from Luxor taking in both Edfu and Kom Ombo and returning in the evening can cost from about E£450 to E£700; moving on to Aswan instead of returning to Luxor will cost between E£450 and E£550. A private taxi from Aswan will cost from E£200 to E£250. Alternatively, buy a seat in servees or minibus at E£18 to Luxor or E£8 to Aswan. At the time of research, there were no buses between Aswan and Luxor.

Trains are another option, but the train station is some way from the temple. To get to the temple from the town center, take a kabout to the boat landing on the Nile about 800m north of the temple (50pt), then walk the remainder of the way. Kabouts to the boat landing leave from the servees station. A private taxi between the town and temple should cost about E£15 to E£20 return.