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Things to Enjoy Only In Aswan

1) Felucca Sailing

While theoretically, you can ride a felucca in other cities like Luxor or even Cairo the Nile here in Aswan looks fabulous and magical, and few things are more relaxing than hiring a felucca before sunset and sailing between the islands, the desert, and the huge black boulders, listening to the flapping of the sail and to Nubian boys singing from their tiny dugouts.

On days when cruise boats dock together in town, hundreds of feluccas circle the islands, a good time to take a felucca a bit further out towards Seheyl Island.

2) Bird Watching

Bird watchers have long flocked to Aswan to watch birds in the winter period, but to be on the Nile very early in the morning, gliding along the edge of the islands, watching birds and hearing how they fit into ancient Egyptian history or into Nubian traditions, has a much wider appeal, even to non-twitchers.

Our local guides are very well known as the ‘Birdmen of Aswan’ and no bird escapes their eyes.

We have been taking twitchers and documentary makers for many years, but is also happy to take amateurs out into his small speed boat that glides into the channels between the islands, pointing out the vegetation; sunbirds; hoopoes; purple, Squacco, striated and night herons; pied kingfishers; little and cattle egrets; redshanks; and many other birds.