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The Botanical Garden

El Nabatat Island In Aswan

The Nile River has two huge islands. One of them is the Botanical Garden, and the other is Elephantine Island. The latter island is the larger of the two. The local Aswan people refer to the Botanical Garden as “Geziret El Nabatat,” which is only 75 meters in length. However, you’ll find the most gorgeous plant life and trees that you’ve ever seen on the island.

The British Lord Kitchener received the island as a gift when he was the Egyptian Consul General from 1911 to 1914. The Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation assisted Kitchener in transforming the island into the gorgeous Botanical Gardens that it is today. The transformation project involved the importation of many exotic plants and trees, including Sabal Palm trees and Royal Palm trees.

Tourists and local citizens love to visit the Botanical Gardens. It gives them a chance to get away from the noisy city and enjoy a relaxing environment with quietness and greenery. Most of the tour packages in Egypt include a trip to the Botanical Gardens. But if you want to go to the island via a felucca or motorboat, you can do that as well. Just go to the East Bank of Aswan to find these options available.


Updated On May 06, 2020