The Nubian Museum


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The Nubian Museum

The Nubian Museum In Aswan

Established by the UNESCO in Egypt to display the wonderful historical findings all around Nubia since prehistoric eras until contemporary times, the Nubian Museum was officially opened in 1997.

The museum was designed by the famous Egyptian architect; Mahmoud El Hakeem, who was brilliant as he was able to create harmony between the building of the museum and the surrounding environment and atmosphere.

The museum is featured for hosting a wonderful museum garden which is full of interesting exhibits, a prehistoric cave with its wonderful inscriptions, a Fatimid minaret to blend with the nearby Fatimid tombs, and many wonderful displays.

The museum is considered to be an open window inside the world of Nubia as it displays items covering the whole history of the region which was first recorded in the fifth millennium BC. This is beside the section of the treasures of Nubia which were found under the water of the River Nile which was opened in the year 2001.