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Major Activities In Aswan

A traveler can never run out of amazing and relaxing activities in Aswan, this laid-back quite city with its wonderful inhabitants of Nubians.

Here is a short list of some of the many things you can enjoy in Aswan

Jump On Board Of A Felucca

A visit to Aswan is not complete without a sail on the Nile River by felucca. Felucca, the traditional Egyptian wooden sailboat that has been around for centuries. This sailboat requires either wind or favorable currents to work as it is a no engine boat.

It is not an exaggeration when we say that sailing the Nile by felucca is truly how this area was meant to be explored. 

Cruising the Nile on a sailboat is a very relaxing experience. Hearing the sounds of the sails and nothing else while seeing the banks of the Nile from a different perspective is something that a true traveler should not miss while exploring this area of the country.

A traveler can enjoy several types of felucca tours as it can start from 1 hour to a half day while adventurous traveler will take a 3-day trip that bounds to Luxor.

Socialize with Nubians in {A Nubian Village}

Aswan is located in a region with great Nubian influence and a few of their villages still exist on the banks of the Nile. Almost all Felucca’s crew-members are all Nubian.

So, if you ask they can take you to visit one of the many Nubian villages scattered along the Nile in Aswan. Visiting a Nubian house will let you get a closer look and feel of the Nubian culture.

Some of these Nubian families get some income from hosting tourists at their homes or selling them some home-made traditional accessories. Having some traditional food at one of these houses can be a great recommended experience.

Have a Walk in The Botanical Garden {Geziret El Nabatat }

People in Aswan call the Botanical Garden {Geziret El Nabatat} and it is one of two big wonderful islands in the River Nile in this area. The other one is Elephantine island which is much bigger than this one. In fact, {Geziret El Nabatat} is just 75 meters long but has some of the beautiful trees and plants in Egypt.

The island was gifted to the British Lord Kitchener who was Consul General in Egypt between 1911 and 1914. With the help and the cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation, he could turn that small island into one of the most beautiful Botanical Gardens in Africa with many types of subtropical, exotic, and rare plantings and trees such as the Royal Palm tree and the Sabal Palm tree.

The Botanical Garden is very popular among the local people and tourists as a haven to spend a quiet afternoon away from the noise of the city and weekend picnics. 

Usually, an organized tour to Botanical Garden comes as a part of some Egypt tour packages but any traveler can reach the island with one of the feluccas or a motor-boats docking at the East Bank in the city of Aswan.