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01) Aswan Airport Transfer

Sit back and relax as you are transported through Aswan in a modern air-conditioned comfortable car, Watch the scenery in comfort as your driver takes you from Aswan International Airport to your hotel or vice versa. Trust your experienced driver to take you directly to your hotel free of hassle.

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02) Aswan Private Car and Guide

A highly trained & skilled English speaking Egyptology guide along with a modern air-conditioned modern car with driver will be at your service for 8 hours as per your choice. Guests are very much welcomed to choose their desired pickup & drop points as long as it does not include transfer from/ to Aswan Airport.

This service enables the guests to explore all desired sites and enjoy a day to remember in Aswan, Choose to start with Cairo by visiting the Kalabsha Temple, Nubian Museum, High Dam, Unfinished Obelisk or Philae Temple.

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03) Private Tour: Unfinished Obelisk, High Dam & Temple of Philae

One of the most amazing destinations in Egypt, a place that has its own unique magic, is definitely Aswan. Aswan is the land of the gold, the land of the sun, and the Southern gate of Egypt, as the ancient Egyptians always regarded this marvelous city.

Take a chance while you are in the land of Nubian and explore the most astonishing highlights of the city of Aswan.

Discover the Unfinished Obelisk, the largest in ancient Egypt, the High Dam, the Temple of Philae in its new home after its relocation; and a view of Elephantine Island as well, in one day tour that a traveler would never forget! Definitely one of the most recommended tours in Aswan.

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04) Abu Simble  by Plane from Aswan

While you are in Aswan, don’t miss the chance to explore the wonders of the breathtaking temple of Abu Simble.

This temple is situated 280 kilometers to the south of Aswan after being relocated due to the construction of the High Dam.

This marvelously tailored tour gives you the opportunity to go visit Abu Simble by plane and come back to Aswan on the same day. The tour is quite comfortable and visiting Abu Simble is truly worth it!

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05) Private Tour: Nubian Museum and Local Market

Are you looking forward to spending quality time in Aswan? Do you have a free half-day you would like to use seeing new places and having new experiences? This tour would perfectly suit you!

It offers guests a great opportunity to explore the displays of the Nubian Museum, which exhibits items from different periods that were found all over Nubia.

After this interesting visit to the Nubian Museum, the guests will then go into an exotic visit to the local market of Aswan featured with its diversity of products, gifts, and souvenirs.

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06) Bird-Watching Day Tour

Enjoy a great variety of birds can only be seen in Aswan and a Magical scenery combining the Nile with the desert and palm trees.

You’ll View the historical Old Cataract Hotel and Go to Elephantine Island. If you are lucky you might see small Nile Alligators. 

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07) Private Tour: Felucca Sailing at Sun-Set Time in Aswan

This tour will make an amazing afternoon! This tour truly offers our guests a marvelous opportunity to enjoy an afternoon sailing down the Nile in the most magnificent atmosphere in Aswan.

Egyptians have sailed down the Nile since ancient times using feluccas, the traditional Egyptian sailboats that have certain magic of their own. We will watch the sunset over the great scenery Aswan offers. Sail like an ancient Egyptian in an afternoon full of wonders!

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08) Private tour: Nubian Village with Motor Boat

Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the River Nile, Get to know more about Nubian life and architecture, and Have a Nubian style tea with fresh mint.

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09) Kom-Ombo & Edfu Temples

Guides always recommend that tourists visit the cities of Luxor and Aswan together in one tour because Aswan is situated only 213 kilometers to the south of Luxor.

Furthermore, the road leading between Luxor and Aswan hosts two of the most impressive Pharaonic temples in Egypt: the Temple of Horus in Edfu and the Temple of Sobek in Kom Ombo.

Take the chance while you are in Aswan to explore the wonders situated in Luxor (we offer some superb full day and half day tours in Luxor) and view the greatness of the Pharaohs in the Temple of Edfu and Kom Ombo as well. One of the best tours in Aswan.

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10) Visit Abu Simble by bus from Aswan

Enjoy a scenic drive through the Nubian desert from Aswan to Abu Simble
Prepare yourself for a wonderful view of the mirage phenomenon, socialize with the Nubian community, visit one of the greatest temples in Egypt which recognized as world heritage by the UNESCO, and Have a delicious fish meal lunch while viewing the scenic Nasser Lake. 

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11) Private Tour: Transfer from Aswan to Luxor by Bus

Almost all tours to Southern Egypt include visiting the cities of Aswan and Luxor together, It is only around two hours 30 minutes ride to reach Luxor from Aswan.

Take the chance while you are in Aswan to explore the wonders that the city of Luxor has to offer, the destination with the largest and the richest pharaonic monuments in Egypt.

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