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Getting To Bahariya Oasis

There are plenty of ways to get to Bahariya oasis and hereunder you can choose the best one that matches your budget

By Bus

There are regular bus services from Cairo to Bahariya and back. Buses start from Turgoman Square bus-station in Cairo. It typically takes about 5 hours by bus for the Cairo-Bahariyya trip.

One way cost is typically about 80 LE for locals and 150 LE for foreigners. On some buses, they will have the TV blaring. Sometimes all the speakers don’t work. If you end up sitting near a speaker that does work or the only one that works, don’t be afraid to ask to switch your seat.

The regular bus is not advised for tourists solely because the Tourism Police await the arrival of foreigners at the main bus station in Bawiti town, where they will insist on a copy of your passport and follow you during your time in Bahariya (a known practice of the police in Egypt, for safety).

By Micro-bus

There are regular microbuses that go from Cairo to Bahariyya. Microbuses are available at the same place (El Moneeb bus-station).

A one-way trip costs about 1000-1500 LE or possibly cheaper if you organize this through a helpful host from your hotel/hostel. Time taken is about 3.5-4 hours depending on your driver. 

By Car

It is also possible to speak to your hotel or hostel to organize a car to drive you from Cairo or Cairo International Airport to Bahariya.

Organized Trips

Jumping on one of our well-organized tours to explore this fascinating oasis with one of our knowledgeable Egyptologist guides and a 4WD professional driver can be a great option