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Transportation to Bahariya Oasis

You have several different transportation options for getting to Bahariya. They are as follows:

1) Bus

You can find public bus services which travel between Cairo and Bahariya every day. If you start in Cairo, then you can find the bus station at Turgoman Square. It is a 5-hour bus ride to go from Cairo to Bahariya, and another 5 hours going back.

A one-way ticket costs roughly 150 LE if you’re a foreigner, while locals only have to pay 80 LE. A lot of these buses have the television turned on loudly. If you happen to sit next to one of the speakers, then you’ll probably want to request a new seat.

It is not really recommended that tourists take the regular bus because the police at the Bawiti bus station like to target foreigners. First, they will want to see a copy of your passport. After that, they have been known to follow foreigners around in Bahariya until they leave.

2) Microbus

Microbuses regularly travel between Cairo and Bahariya. Just go to the El Moneeb bus station to find a microbus. A one-way ticket will cost you anywhere from 1000 LE to 1500 LE. But if you have a host at your hotel, they may be able to help you get a cheaper deal on a microbus ticket. It takes between 3 ½ to 4 hours to travel from Cairo to Bahariya on a microbus, and the same amount of time going back. Sometimes the driver makes the difference in the time length.

3) Car

Your hostel or hotel host can arrange to have a car take you to Bahariya from the Cairo International Airport or some other location in Cairo.

4) Tours 

An organized tour to Bahariya might be more suitable for you. It’ll give you a chance to learn about the oasis from an educated Egyptian tour guide while riding in a four-wheel-drive vehicle.


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Updated On May 04, 2020