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Sands Bahariya Lodge 

Sands Bahriya Lodge is a valley located in Beheira Governorate, Egypt, including a town with the same name. The name refers to the presence of eight different lakes in the region that produce natron salt.

Average Price: $ 50

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International Hot Spring Hotel 

The International Hot Spring Hotel is a three-star category hotel in Bahariya Oasis, the most northerly oasis in the Egyptian Western Desert and only 350 km from the Giza Pyramids. The family-run hotel welcomes guests to the tranquil environment of the oasis, with its fresh air, perfect stillness and almost perpetual sunshine.

Average Price: $ 55

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Sandrose Baharia Hotel 

Located at the edge of the oasis, this hotel offers all conveniences you may require of a hotel and which desert travelers may wish – a swimming-pool, a large restaurant with regional cooking and modern rooms with an air conditioning system.

Average Price: $ 60

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Badry Sahara Camp 

Sahara Camp far 3 km from the bus station or downtown ( Bawiti ).
Sahara Camp has 20 rooms ( Single and Double rooms ) – bathrooms outside – hot and cold water 24 hours.
The Restaurant has all kinds of meals and drinks especially Bedouin meals.
You can enjoy by your time in our Bedouin tent for parties and night fires.
The First thing you will see in the front of the camp flowers and you can enjoy by the natural view for Anglis Mountain on the back of the camp.
You have a fantastic place to get photos for the Sun Rise or Sun Set in the camp.
You can enjoy by our natural design camp and our high-quality service.

Average Price: $ 30

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