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The stupefying desert formations between the Farafra and Bahariya Oases are responsible for attracting more travelers to this far-flung corner of Egypt than any other sight.

No surprises there: this unearthly terrain varies from the bizarre and impossibly shaped rock formations of the White Desert to the eerie black-coned mountains of the nearby Black Desert, with a healthy dose of sand dunes interspersed for good measure.

These regions are relatively easy to get to from either Farafra or Bahariya Oases and are immensely popular with one-day and overnight safari tours.

Cairo & The Desert Safari Tour

Tour Cairo’s great Giza pyramids and sphinx then explore the Bahariya Oasis for an adventurous desert safari. Tour the Black Desert with its black colored landscape.

Visit Crystal Mountain an incredible region with natural forming quartz crystals and tour the Flower Desert with its flower-shaped rock formations.

Spend the night at a desert campsite under a blanket of stars. Explore the Valley of the Golden Mummies, ancient tombs, the Temple of Alexander the Great, ancient villages and many more special places in this awesome valley. Return to Cairo and tour more amazing sites