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Things To Do In Baris Oasis

In spite of being relatively small comparing to other oases in the western desert, Baris Oasis still a very interesting place that worth to discover and visit. The oasis dates back to 5000 BC, so you will find many ruins and architecture.

Temple of Dush

One of the most popular places in Baris Oasis is Temple of Dush it is considered one of the most reasons to visit Baris Oasis.
Temple of Dush is a Greek site that was built in the Ptolemaic era, it was built as an honor of Serapis the Greek and it still in a very good condition considering its age.

Another reason to visit Baris Oasis, the citadel that built by the Turks, it is totally built from mud bricks. You can also visit the Coptic Christian church and many other old churches, you will see the history of the valley and the amazing development of architecture over the years.