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Currency in Cairo


Food In Cairo

Dining & Restaurants In Cairo

Either you’re down to your last buck and trying to get the cheapest possible meal for LE50, or you’re on your honeymoon and have LE1500 to spend on an exquisite dinner, Cairo has every price range of food you’re looking for. On the cheap end, there are vegetable and fruit markets as well as street peddlers pushing carts. A mid-range eating option is fast food outlets that deliver delicious meals at affordable prices.

But for those who are a little more financially buoyant, there are high-end restaurants with exotic cuisines and foreign chefs who make them. Most hotel restaurants fall under this high-end category, they also have nightclubs and bar features where people can get their groove on after having expensive, many course meals.

There is also a delivery site, where you can order food from any of over 60 Cairene restaurants.


Updated On March 24, 2020