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Activities That Can Be Done Only In Cairo

To tell the truth a visitor could get lost among Cairo’s vast collection of monuments an important landmarks; there are more than enough pyramids, mausoleums, mosques, Churches, temples and so on to check out. However, below is a list of those that should not be missed for any reasons while the others can be considered optional.

1-Riding in one of the Dinner Nile Cruise Ships

There are many cruise ships to choose from; Pharaoh’s Boat, Nile Peking, Nile Crystal, Nile maxim among others. Each of these dinner Nile cruise ships will give you an excellent view of Egypt nightlife from the Nile. Since the Nile is one of Egypt’s most important natural features, this can be said to be the most interesting activity you’ll perform on your Egyptian trip. Side attractions on the boat ride include musical performances from a band as well as belly dancers and a Tanoora whirling dancer. There are as well interesting shows made for the enjoyment of kids.

2-Al-Tannoura Traditional Show at Wekalet El Ghouri

Close to Al-Azhar, at Al-Ghouri’s Wikala, there is a weekly colorful performance by the only Sufi dance band in Egypt by 20:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays.

Apart from just enjoying the dance, it is also an opportunity to view the interior of the wikala which is a historical site on its own. There is also the added advantage of the performance being free.

3-Shopping in Khan El Khalili

Another spot loved by tourists over the years and from various parts of the world. The market’s allure and popularity are due to its long age of existence, Khan El Khalili market created in 1382 by Garkas El Khalili who was the horse master when Barqouq reigned as Mamluk king.

There are a lot of nice items to purchase including belly dancing costumes, shisha pipes, boards for different traditional games, spices, oriental perfumes, and so on.

You can choose to take a walk through the various stores or Khans in the area and chill out at one of the many available cafes such as the Fishawy café that has been in existence for over twenty years. It is also one of the few cafes that do not have closing hours, operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4-Sound and Light Show at the Giza Pyramids

For no reason should you leave Egypt without visiting this site? Despite the fact that the temple itself is a historical and significant element, its splendor is accentuated by the sound and light display where LED lights are used to project the history of wars, earthquakes and other happenings that took place at the site. You’ll definitely enjoy watching these.

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Updated On March 25, 2020