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The Church of St Sergius & Bacchus

About The Church of St Sergius & Bacchus

The Church of St Sergius & Bacchus was built with the 3rd and 4th-century pillars, making it the oldest church inside the walls.  The 11th-century church is built over a cave where Joseph, Mary, and the infant Jesus are said to have taken shelter having escaped successfully from King Herod of Judea, who was killing all the firstborns then.

That cave has been converted into a crypt, which can be accessed via descending steps from a chapel situated towards the left of the altar.  It is customary for a special mass to hold every year, precisely June 1st, in the bid to honor and remember the event. 

Getting to the church on foot is quite straightforward – walk down the central lane (Haret Al-Qdees Girgis), and then turn right at the T, then left as it jogs; you will be led to stairs, which you will climb down into the below street level entrance.

Updated On March 22, 2020