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Currency in Cairo

Bein al-Qasreen STREET

Between The Two Palaces {Street}

An important part of the Sharia al-Muizz, this street is situated just north of Khan al-Khalil’s gold district. Bein al-Qasreen boasts of structures and magnificent palace complexes along either side of the street; similar to the edifices of the Fatimid era, although these palaces were demolished and later replaced by the works of the subsequent rulers. 

On the west part of the street seats a line of three great adjoining Mamluk complexes, which is dubbed as one of the most impressive minarets, domes, and facades in the whole of Cairo.

The street offers free admission, although you may have to tip the caretakers.     Other than that, you are in for a good time, and you can wear your shoes all the way.

Updated On March 22, 2020