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Mausoleum of Al-Ghouri

About Mausoleum of Al-Ghouri

Moving downwards from Sharia al-Azhar, on the khan’s other side can be found this splendid mausoleum, a combination of two buildings erected by the second to last sultan, Qansuh al-Ghouri, who was in power for 16 years.
Al-Ghouri was killed by decapitation when he was captured after leading his army into the battle of Marj Dabiq. His capture was due to a betrayal by one of his emirs. He was 78 years old when the incident occurred and his body still remains un-recovered.
However, within the mausoleum can be found the body of the last Sheikh who also met a tragic by hanging at Bab Zuweila end when the Turks took over the city in 1517.
Either Sufi chanting (different from Sufi dancing held at the Wikala of Al-Ghouri) or Nubia drumming are musical events that are hosted at the mausoleum every Sunday night at 9pm.

Updated On March 23, 2020