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Mosque of Mohammed Ali

The Mosque of Mohammed Ali

This enchantingly beautiful mosque whose design draws heavily on Classic Turkish architecture and decoration was built between 1830 and 1848, a project that spanned 18 years. Chandeliers and striped stones adorn the interior while the main dome is colored in emerald green.

Olivia Manning gave an engaging description of the mosque in The Levant Trilogy that goes thus: ‘Above them, Mohammed Ali’s alabaster mosque, uniquely white in this sand-colored city, sat with minarets pricked, like a fat, white, watchful cat’.

Conversely, aspersions have been cast at the mosque by some other writers who went as far as describing it as ugly. Mohammed Ali’s tomb can be found not far from the entrance, decorated with Marble.

Also, a shiny clock, donated by King Louis-Philippe  of France, can be found in the central courtyard. This clock was given to show appreciation for the Pharaonic obelisk that was used to decorate the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Unfortunately, the clock stopped working due to a damage during delivery and has still not been repaired till date.

Updated On March 24, 2020