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Mosque of Qaitbey

The Mosque of Sultan Qaitbey

Despite possessing the characteristic brutality of the Mamluk Sultans, Sultan Qaitbey also had an eye for beauty and a love for well-designed buildings. The mosque was built during his 28 year regime as Egypt’s last influential Mamluk ruler.

The mosque of Qaitbey was one of about 80 buildings erected in the sultan’s name. The construction of Qaitbey’s mosque was finalized in 1474 and is believed by many people to be the peak of Islamic architecture in Cairo.

Within the mosque, there are four iwans surrounding a courtyard fitted with windows made of lattice screens. The inner walls are all plastered over with marble in cool colors while the ceiling is designed with decorative wood. You’ll have a swell time just enjoying the view and relaxing in the mosque.

The eponymous builder of the mosque, Sultan Qaitbey, was interred here and his tomb can be found there alongside that of his two sisters. The exterior is also very alluring to look at with its mosaic patterns and floral designs. It used to be considered the most beautiful mosque in Cairo and the Islamic world as a whole. If you’re adventurous enough to ascend the minaret, you’ll get an even better view.

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Updated On March 24, 2020