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Museum of Islamic Art

The Islamic Art Museum

If you’re looking for one of the world’s most beautiful arrays of Islamic art, then this newly refurbished museum is where you want to be. With more than 80,000 different objects and artifacts, the museum only displays some of these, and another slight drawback is that most inscriptions and labels are done in Arabic with only a few English translations.

Despite these limitations, the works on display are beautiful to the point of being captivating. Ceramics, frescoes, and beautifully done mosaic paintings among other works of art from various periods and dynasties can be found in the museum.

There is quite a good amount of figurative works on display, which are not restricted to Islamic items alone. A good example is an Ayyubid bowl sliver on which is carved an image of the Virgin Mary holding Christ, post crucifixion. The various items and pieces are arranged based on what they’re used for and the purposes they serve.

The Islamic art museum is located due west of Bab Zuweila at a distance of about 500m. To the museums North West lies Midan Ataba about 700m away while Midan Tahrir is on the west at a distance of roughly 1.6km on the path that leads to Sharia Sami al-Barudi with the Mohammed Naguib metro station along the way.

Updated On March 23, 2020