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Northern Cemetery Islamic Cairo

Introduction About Northern Cemetery

The Northern Cemetery occupies one half of a huge graveyard known as Al-Qarafa and referred to by tourists as the City of the Dead. The dramatic nomenclature triggers imaginations of tomb-like cities with ghost families interacting socially.

Despite these connotations of death and decay, however, the City of the Dead is actually a very lively area bustling with teeming natives and the usual features of a slum. There are hardly any cars plying the area and so there is relative peace and silence due to the absence of hooting horns and the sound of running engines. Scattered around the area are also some aesthetically pleasing monuments from the Mamluk era.

Getting to the Northern Cemetry is most convenient by trekking eastwards from Midan al-Hussein along the Sharia al-Azhar, there’s a crossing that can be made through the overpass at Sharia Salah Salem. Below is a list of the three major monuments in the area, although there are a couple of others which have not been as properly reconstructed and maintained as these.

Updated On March 24, 2020