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Northern Walls and Gates

The Northern Walls and Gates

Throughout the 10th century, the walled Fatimid city had just two primary entrances – the rounded Bab Al-Futuh and the square-towered Bab an-Nasr also called the Gate of Conquests and the Gates of Victory respectively.

Contrary to what the name suggests, these games never restricted any military invasion until the French struck by widening the arrow slits to take in cannons required for their attack on the feisty Husayniyya neighborhood to the north.

In the end, the commanders of the Napoleon army named Bab an-Nasr’s towers after themselves; the names are visibly carved on the gates.  When passing through Bab an-Nasr, and along the beautiful outer wall to Bab alFutuh, you will notice that the surrounding stones were acquired from Pharaonic sites.

Also worthy of rapt attention is the delicately carved stone arch, situated at  Bab al-Futuh.  Syrian artisans crafted the arch, and it remains one of the best Egyptian stonework pieces.

Updated On March 23, 2020