Currency in Cairo

Wikala al-Bazara

About Wikala al-Bazara

There are about 20 Wekala currently present in the city of Cairo, and this is one.  These merchants’ inns were about 360 in the 17th century, including the then newly-built Wikala al-Bazaara.  The adopted plans are very similar for all the Wekalas: guestrooms for traders on the upper floors and storerooms and stables surrounding a courtyard.

The rooms have found new applications – as offices containing computers and phones.  The massive front gates remain, which once served as the protectors of the merchandise during the dark.  Restrooms are available and accessible, once you pay an entrance fee.  You can also get a clearer view by climbing up to the roof.  Do not worry; no one will stop you.

Updated On March 23, 2020