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Watching the city of Cairo is the very model of a modern megalopolis, and just watching the human parade can easily take up an evening.

You could hit the town to see belly dancers in a dive like Sequoia or a 5-star hotel cabaret or embark on a Downtown Dinner Cruises like Nile Maxim or Nile Pharoah.

But it’s really worth planning your evenings around the schedule of great live music, whether at the swish Cairo Opera House or at a casual place such as After Eight or Makan.

Thanks to the Pyramids alone, on the west edge of the city at Giza, Cairo is a required stop. But then there’s the Egyptian Museum, so crammed with thrilling artifacts that it gets a whole day to enjoy.

Fast-forward a bit through time to visit Coptic Cairo, a maze of early churches and a great museum, and needless to say, the medieval city, spiked with minarets, that was for a time the capital of the Islamic Empire.

Heaving with commerce for more than a millennium, the souq of Khan Al Khalili is a great browse even if you’re not in the mood to buy. If nothing strikes your fancy there, head to one of the city’s many boutiques for stylish souvenirs, from vintage movie posters to leather-bound books.

Oases & Farms

Just an hour drive from Cairo is the semi-oasis of Al-Fayoum, where the art colony of Tunis harbors ceramicists and other creative types. North of the city, in the fertile Nile Delta, there are few tourist sites, but the view looks good from a train window.

Here are a wide selection of tours that you can enjoy while you are in Cairo

01) Saladin Citadel & Khan El Khalili Bazaar Cairo

Have you ever looked forward to spending a day in the past? To explore the wonders and greatness of these victorious days when Egypt was the strongest kingdom in the world? This day has come! This tour will take you on a wild voyage through time to three of the most wonderful historical sites of Egypt.

The day will be spent wandering around the marvelous Middle Ages Citadel of Saladin to view the amazing Mohamed Ali Mosque and many interesting museums, mosques, and displays in the Citadel, followed by shopping in the wonderful market of Khan el-Khalili

02) Old Cairo Day Tour

During the 4th and 5th centuries, many Romans and Egyptians began converting to Christianity and Coptic buildings were constructed on various sites. The most famous of which is the place we call Coptic Cairo today. Don’t miss your chance to view the great structures erected by the Egyptian Copts, including the Coptic Church of Abu Sarga, Ben Ezra Synagogue, the Coptic Museum, and the Hanging Church, which are all situated in the same location, beside each other.

03) Menya Day Tour

Although it is largely kept out of the touristic map of Egypt, the city of El Menya has some remarkably interesting historical sites that are quite worth a visit.

Take a chance and explore some of the monuments that only a few people were lucky enough to visit.

El Menya, with its significant geographical location at the beginning of Upper Egypt, has always played an important role in Egyptian history. This is why the city is featured for hosting a large number of interesting historical monuments.

04) Cairo Private Car and Guide 

A highly trained & skilled English speaking Egyptology guide along with a modern air-conditioned modern car with driver will be at your service for 8 hours as per your choice. 

Guests are very much welcomed to choose their desired pickup & drop points as long as it does not include transfer from/ to Cairo Airport.
This service enables the guests to explore all desired sites and enjoy a day to remember in Cairo & Giza. Choose to start with Cairo by visiting the Egyptian Museum, the Citadel or Khan el-Khalili marketplace, or skip all Cairo and go to see the immortal pyramids. 

05) Egyptian Museum, Citadel, and Khan el-Khalili Bazaar 

If you ask any Egyptian guy about the most important and touristic highlights of downtown Cairo, his answer would certainly be the Egyptian Museum, Saladin Citadel, and Khan El-Khalili market.

Yes, this tour enables the guests to explore all these fascinating places and enjoy a day to remember in the land of the Nile. The Egyptian Museum and its treasures, the Citadel, and its marvelous architecture, and Khan el-Khalili with all its exotic stores and shops; this is what this tour is all about!

06) The Grand Islamic Day Tour 

This is a day of Islamic monuments of all sorts: mosques, historical houses, and the marvelous citadel. This tour would surely impress tourists of all ages. It is a day for traveling back into the glorious Islamic history in Egypt, as it allows the guests to view the greatness of the Islamic architecture in its most prosperous periods in the land of the Nile

07) Dinner Cruise with Belly-Dancing Show

Included in all tour guides as a must-do in the land of the Nile, Nile dinner cruise trips have become more and more popular during the past few years. 

It is always advisable to take the chance while you are in Cairo to enjoy riding on the marvelous river Nile. Have the best open buffet dinner with oriental and international dishes, and watch an awesome entertainment program with a belly dancer, a Tanoora dance show, live music, and much more! 

08) Sufi Dance -Tanoura Show-

Do you have a free evening you are planning to enjoy in Cairo?
Why don’t you go for an unforgettable tour to view the most popular Egyptian dance? Nowadays, the Sufi Spiritual Tanoora dance show in the Wikala of El Ghoury? Although meant to be a spiritual dance, today the Tanoora dance performance has become part of almost all celebrations, like wedding parties, birthdays, and different ceremonies. The performance takes place in Wekalet Al Ghoury

09) Fayoum Oasis including Pyramids of Meydum & Hawara

Although it is largely kept out of the touristic map of Egypt, the region of the Fayoum Oasis has come remarkably interesting historical sites that are quite worth a visit.

This is beside a long rich history that goes back to the Middle Kingdom period in the ancient Egyptian history. The Pyramids of Hawara and Meydum are quite impressive and have very interesting stories behind their construction! Spend a day full of excitement in the Fayoum with all these wonderful monuments and get a taste of the Egyptian countryside as well!

10) 2 Day Trip to Saint Catherine from Cairo

While in Cairo, why not enjoy a wonderful day exploring the most remarkable and oldest monastery in Egypt? Spend the night in the Catherine Plaza Hotel and return to Cairo the next day after the wonderful tour.

One of the most amazing attractions in Sinai is the Monastery of Saint Catherine. Situated on a cliff 1570 feet above sea level, the monastery offers guests an ambiance that is hard to find anywhere in Egypt

11) 2 Day Trip to Alexandria

Don’t miss your chance to explore the wonders of Alexandria while in Egypt, the Jewel of the Mediterranean Sea has a lot to offer to its guests. 

Away from the refreshing air of the sea in the summer, the city of Alexandria has a wonderful assortment of antiquities and monuments.

These include Greco-Roman, Islamic, Roman, and contemporary sites.
This tour is perfect for any tourist who wants to see the most important National Museum monuments of Alexandria, like the Catacombs of Kom El Shuqafa, Pompey’s Pillar, the Greco-Roman Museum, and the Amphitheater.