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How To Go To Dahab

How To Go To Dahab

Dahab is well connected to other Egyptian destinations, such as Cairo, Taba, Sharm El Sheikh, and Nuweiba, by transport of varying comfort, price, and speed.

When flying to Dahab from Cairo, you can then catch a domestic flight with Egypt Air to Sharm El Sheikh, followed by a local bus or Poseidon taxi transfer to Dahab. The other option is to get a local bus from Cairo to Dahab which takes approximately 12 hours. The night bus option is a favorite amongst backpackers.

If you will pick the bus ride, there are four East Delta buses each day that head to Cairo leaves at different times in the day. The journey takes between 9 – 11 hours. A couple of other buses leave daily for Suez, Nuweiba, and Taba.

Because Sharm el Sheikh is still the most popular destination airport with hundreds of European flights arriving each week, at only 100km drive away through the spectacular mountain pass, you can be off the plane and into your hotel in Dahab within a couple of hours.

If you are in Taba and want to go to Dahab, Taba airport is now becoming another firm favorite with many more flights arriving each week. This old military airport located towards the Israel border is a little further away but can offer a quick no fuss arrival/departure as many people have yet to discover it.

Poseidon can arrange a taxi transfer for you. The journey from Taba to Dahab will take around 2 hours.