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Saint Catherine's Monastery and Mount Sinai


Easily approachable and in an area that is far from obscure, it’s a surprise that this orthodox monastery remained majorly unexplored for many years. Today it is a major tourist site with visitors pouring in on a daily basis.
It was built by Emperor Justinian during the Roman occupation of Egypt in AD 527. St. Catherine’s is considered the oldest monastery in the world. Some monks also claim that it has special spiritual blessings because the body of St. Catherine herself was found intact in the surrounding mountains. This was the reason why the monastery was named after the saint.
Close to the monastery is Mount Sinai, a historic mountain which is Egypt’s highest peak standing at 8,666 feet. From above the mountains, you stand the chance of catching breathtaking views of the Suez canal, the gulfs of Aqaba, and mountains in both Saudi Arabia and Africa.
It does get quite cold atop Sinai, so it’s advisable to go prepared for some chills. Camels and horses also help to make the descent easier. At the foot of the mountain, tourists can find refreshments such as tea, coffee, and some snacks.

Updated On March 25, 2020