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The Colored Canyon

Introduction {Ride or Hike}

Either you choose to go in a ride or hike through, the colored Canyon is a natural stroke of genius located about 90km to the north of Dahab.

It’s difficult to convince people that the fascinating interplay of colors on the canyon is not the work of a master artist laying down brush strokes. The sight is even made more beautiful by the background colors that blend in smoothly.

Here again you’ll find native Bedouin tour guides who will lead you through the area either by foot or on camelback and they will definitely supply you with stories about the area and its history, while pointing out other important features that the lone tourist would most likely miss if touring the area alone.

Also, you can choose to take safaris in all 4 wheel drive vehicles from Dahab with major stopovers at Jebel El Tih, Jebel Serbi, and Serabit El Khadem.

Updated On March 25, 2020