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Major Activities In Dahab

The major activities for which Dahab is popular are Snorkeling and Diving. Overtime the area has evolved to cater to both expert and beginner divers. High-quality aquamarine equipment is available for rentals from various diving centers located close to the beach. There are also certified instructors on hand to put novices through the ropes.

Blue Hole (and The Bells)

Going by the previously mentioned safari from Dahab, a 30-minute trip takes you to Blue Hole, one of Egypt’s and the world’s best diving locations. It’s basically a huge pit whose arc measures 56m at the mouth and widens out to 120m at the base.

What makes this diving site so remarkable is it’s being linked with the open ocean. Therefore, the marine life within it mirrors that of the ocean and divers/snorkelers can view exotic species and beautiful sea animals while navigating the blue waters.

Food and drinks are available for tourists and divers at the shore in a variety of huts and cafes. There are also scuba diving gear, snorkeling apparatus, and other aquamarine equipment available to be rented at the shore. However, divers should note that they can’t don their gear until they reach a sign with the inscription “Safe Entrance”

At 260 ft., the blue hole is home to various assorted species of marine life such as jacks, clownfish, trevallies, barracuda, grey reef sharks, and others.

Another smaller but similarly beautiful diving site is The Bells, which is sometimes confused with the Blue Hole. Its location is atop the Blue Hole, the intersection of a deep groove and a reef. The luminescence of the sun penetrates the surface to illuminate the sea bed, lighting up the soft corals and stimulating divers’ senses.


The dive site known as Canyon lies just 10 minutes from Dahab on the way to Israel. This is another remarkable diving site that shouldn’t be missed on any vacation trip to Egypt.

According to Sinai folklore, a tremendous earthquake that rippled through the Gulf of Aqaba was responsible for creating the crack that came to be known as Canyon. It goes down for about 30 m and has beautiful underwater views to thrill divers with.

Camel Diving Safaris

This is an interesting way to visit various additional diving sites like The Hutts, Abu Helal, and Eel Garden. For visitors who aren’t used to riding on camelback, this promises to be a novel as well as an exciting experience. By moving around on Camel, there’s also the added advantage of being able to interact with the natives and learn a lot about its history and other interesting monuments in the area.

The Lagoona

The Lagoona is a wide golden beach where windsurfers can hover and soar amongst the mountains of Sinai.

Ein Khudra

In English, Ein Khudra means green oasis, it is a beautiful and breathtaking site with a resplendent white canyon leading up to it. It is also historically significant as a point where pilgrims visiting Jerusalem from St. Catherine (or vice versa) often stopped to relax and catch their breath.

Also, you can choose to take safaris in all 4 wheel drive vehicles from Dahab with major stopovers at Jebel El Tih, Jebel Serbi, and Serabit El Khadem.

Updated On March 25, 2020