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The White Desert and Djara Cave Tour

Visit the Baharia Oasis a refreshing watering hole in the desert valley, explore the Ancient Village and Ethnic Museum and learn about the history of the region. Go on a desert safari to Pyramid and English Mountain, climb its peak for a beautiful view of the sunset. 

Visit the Valley of the Golden Mummies; see beautifully decorated tombs and the temple ruins of Alexander the Great. Be awe-struck by the White Desert with its sands resembling that of snow. Tour the desert valley to Djara Cave with splendid stalactite and stalagmite and prehistoric drawings on its walls and other amazing sites

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Cairo & The White Desert Tour

Drive from Cairo to the Bahariya Oasis the smallest of four oasis depressions, known for its natural hot springs, museum, tombs and golden mummy discovery. The adventure takes you to the White Desert so named as the desert sands are colored white resembling that of snow totally transforming the look of the desert to that of the North Pole.

Explore the Flower Desert with its amazing rock formations that look like flowers. Visit Agabat, Roman Springs and Crystal Mountain a region of filled with natural forming quartz crystals then camp in the desert for the night

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White Desert & Bahariya Oasis Tour

Leaving the Nile Valley behind heading to the White Desert which is truly white in clear contrast with the yellow deserts elsewhere, having an overnight stay here under the stars is second to none. The Bahariya Oasis is much smaller comparing to other Oases but it has its own charm.

Bahariya consists of erratic colonies of palms where the landscape of thousands of palms trees stretches out in front of you in a very picturesque view. This is where we have plenty of time to wander among wonderful places like the Valley of Golden Mummies and Temple of Alexander the Great

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The Great Pharaohs and the White Desert Tour

Visit ancient pyramids with their unique history and design like the great Giza pyramids and the step pyramids of Saqqara. Tour the Baharia Oasis home to amazing places like the Ethnic Museum, natural hot springs known for their curative properties, Pyramid and English Mountains with impressive views of the desert valley.

Discover the Valley of the Golden Mummies with mummies covered in gold; see richly decorated tombs, old chapels, and temples. Conquer the White and Black Deserts, the Flower Desert and other incredible sites in the desert valley before returning to Cairo for more exploration

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