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The Giza Sound And Light Show

About Giza Sound and Light Show

It is interesting to think about how people lived thousands of years ago. It is so interesting that a group of creators put together a creative sound and light show which recreates what life was like in Ancient Egypt. This artistic show displays fascinating images that depict several historical time periods. It lasts one hour and features lots of interesting visuals and sounds which are presented next to the Great Sphinx and the Giza pyramids.

The Sphinx retells the history and secrets of Ancient Egypt. The show will transport you thousands of years into the past to see how all these amazing structures were constructed and what the workers had to do to get it done.

Discover the Khufu pyramid and the place where Khufu kept his wooden boats. These are the boats that Khufu sailed on frequently while seeking his immortality. You will discover Khafre’s pyramid too. His was constructed a little bit shorter and smaller compared to his father, Khufu’s pyramid. An engraving of Khafre’s face can be seen on a green sheet of diorite stone. The artwork looks so fresh and new, like it was done recently.

Finally, you will see Menkaure’s pyramid. His was even smaller than his father and grandfather’s pyramids.

Throughout the 60-minute show, you will hear a beautiful narration which describes the history of each king and all the secrets and legends which surround their history.

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Updated On March 29, 2020