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Visit The Egypt Papyrus Museum 

Like Egyptian culture? Find out more about the way Egyptians used to write and make records in the Egypt Papyrus Museum. Book yourself a guided tour to get all the juicy tidbits you could possibly want to know about Egypt, and who knows, you could even purchase some papyrus to take back home as a souvenir by the end of the tour!

Explore The Grand Egyptian Museum

The Grand Egyptian Museum (abbreviated to GEM), is also known as the Giza Museum and is currently partially opened. It plans to be the be all, end all, one-stop museum to house all the artifacts of ancient Egypt and become the largest archaeological museum in the world.

Constructed to look like a traditional chamfered triangle, the museum sits on a huge plot of land and its facilities will include all the latest technology, including virtual reality.

Even children can enjoy the exhibitions here, with the children’s museum and the museum will serve as a hub for other local and international museums to convene and have conferences.

See Dr. Ragab’s Pharaonic Village

There’s no shortage of culture in Giza, with every exhibition and museum hell-bent on teaching tourists all about the history of Egypt.

This village has replicas of King Tut’s tombs, an experiential village, where visitors can learn and experience what life was like in ancient Egyptian times, and there’s even a play area for kids, where they can play games like bumper cars.

Not to mention, it’s not just about ancient history: from time to time the village also has photo exhibitions of more recent affairs, with plenty of dioramas available and depictions of recent political events.