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History Of Hurghada

History Of Hurghada


Different than many other destinations in Egypt like Luxor, Aswan, and Alexandria, where the ancient Egyptians resided and built their civilizations, Hurghada is rather a contemporary established city. 

At the beginning of the 20th century, in the period from 1900 till 1920, Hurghada was a very small village for the Arabian fishermen. Historical records claim that in 1906, there were only 6 primitive houses in the city.

The city has a simple commercial activity at the time as the fishermen used to dry the fish and then sell it to the caravans coming from the Nile Valley. Moreover, in 1909, petrol was first discovered around Hurghada. However, the real excavation and production process began after the end of World War II.

Despite the fact that Hurghada is the largest city in the region of the Red Sea in Egypt today, nothing more was known about Hurghada before the 1920s when sailors coming from the Arabian Peninsula came to fish near the Egyptian borders.

Their meeting point was a large tree which was called “Gharqad”, Nitraria in the Latin language.

There was a famous sentence that was common among these sailors; “let’s meet at the Ghardaqa”. This was how the name Ghardaqa, or Hurghada in English mainly originated.

In the same position as the tree, the first summer resort established in Hurghada was built in 1952 for King Farouq, the last king of Egypt. After the nationalization process carried out by the former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, this building was transformed into a club for the Egyptian armed forces.

Only in the beginning of the 1980s, touristic experts and the Egyptian government started recognizing the natural constitutes which Hurghada possess which qualify the city to become a major touristic destination.

This includes a large number of islands near the city, the large diverse collection of colored fish and amazing coral reefs, and the existence of a long beach with a length which exceeds more than 30 kilometers.

All these factors encouraged local and international investors from Europe, especially Germany, the United States, and the Gulf, to begin establishing different hotels and resorts in and around the center of the city of Hurghada, and from this point on, the city has become the most wonderful destination for vacationers in Egypt. 

Updated on 1 Jan 2019