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Hurghada Aquarium

Hurghada Grand Aquarium

If you’ve been out snorkelling or diving and want to identify what you’ve seen, then Hurghada Aquarium, in the northern part of town (known as Ad-Dahar) can help you.

Hurghada Grand Aquarium opens the window to a whole new world of marine life in Hurghada. The place is dedicated to inspiring guests of all ages to appreciate the marine environment while promoting conservation action and developing an understanding of the irreplaceable value of all life in our world’s ocean. By teaching children and adults the importance of conservation, ecology and stewardship, the administration believes and apply this knowledge to make sustainable choices and take an active part in preserving our marine environment.   

Learning experiences changes how you think, what you feel and what you do to protect aquatic life for future generations. You can customize your experience, find a unique place to learn and follow your curiosity. Whether it’s a program or a stroll through the exhibits, the aquarium has something for learners of all ages and at all stages of life. Visitors are learning innovators, constantly developing engaging ways to spark compassion, curiosity and conservation for the aquatic animal world. The aquarium applies best practices and learning research from its colleagues across the field to better understand and contribute to the larger understanding of the marine world.

These days, the aquarium is showing its age and could do with an update, but it still has the only decent display of Red Sea marine life in Hurghada. For non-swimmers, it’s also a good chance to see the Red Sea’s abundant fish life up close.


Corniche, Ad-Dahar