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Snorkeling & Diving

In recent years, the reefs close to Hurghada and El-Gouna have suffered heavy damage due to unfettered tourism development. Thanks to tireless campaigns by local NGOs, conservation measures have now been implemented and the situation around both towns is beginning to improve.

However, most experienced divers head to sites further afield and the only way to see them is to join a snorkeling or diving boat excursion. For all excursions, shop around a bit. Relying on your hotel may not be the best way to do things as travelers often complain about not getting everything they expected. For any boat trip, take your passport as you’ll need to show it at the port.

The following are just a small selection of some of the most popular dive sites in the Hurghada area listed from north to south. All of the sites listed here are only accessible by boat. For an overview of diving in the Red Sea.

Siyul Kebira

While the reef’s upper section is home to bannerfish, angelfish and snappers, if the current is strong you can drift along the wall skirting the edges of huge coral outcroppings. Depth: 10m to 30m; rating: intermediate.

Sha’ab al-Erg

Ease of access means this is an excellent dive site for beginners, though veteran divers will still enjoy the towering brain corals and fan-encrusted rock formations. Depth: 5m to 15m; rating: novice.

Umm Qamar

Umm Qamar is highlighted by three coral towers that are swathed in beautiful purple, soft coral and surrounded by glassfish. Depth: 10m to 27m; rating: intermediate.

Giftun Islands  

These islands are surrounded by a number of spectacular reefs teeming with marine life, including Hamda, Banana Reef, Sha’ab Sabrina, Erg Somaya, and Sha’ab Torfa. Depth: 5m to 30m; rating: intermediate.

Gota Abu Ramada

A mind-boggling abundance of marine life is on display here making Gota Abu Ramada a popular spot for underwater photographers, snorkellers and night divers. Depth: 3m to 15m; rating: novice

Visit Dahar and Sigala

Dahar has a colorful, and quite attractive, a range of tourist stalls. Yet, this is not the place to buy your souvenirs, not at least before you have been to Sigala.

At Sigala, competition has brought prices down to a good level in Sigala, which means anything between 10% and 50% of Dahar’s prices! From my own travels around Egypt, Sigala seems to be the only tourist trap with a price level on its souvenirs in the same range as Cairo’s Khan el-Khalili.

A few of the shops have fixed prices, great for all those with fear of being ripped off (and all first-time visitors to Egypt should be afraid of that).

So do you get local souvenirs, things made by local bedouins? There may be an item or two around, but 95% of everything here is made at factories elsewhere around the whole country. A few of the specialized shops sell things which are imported from countries as far away as Morocco. If you ask about origins, most shopkeepers will tell you the truth about the origins.

Climbing Anfish Mountain 

Anfish Mountain is strangely invisible almost from anywhere you stand in town, but once you get on top of it, you see everything! It is the perfect place to get a view over the town, although it is also the place to realize how badly planned Hurghada is, and how far from completion the place is.

But beyond, you will be able to take superb views over the mountains of the eastern desert and the islands out in the Red Sea.