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How To Go To Kharga Oasis

1) Air

The airport is 5 km north of town. The Petroleum Service Company (usually) has Sunday flights on a 15-seat plane, leaving Cairo at 8 am and returning from Al-Kharga at 3 pm (E£600 one way, 1½ hours). Contact the tourist office for schedules and bookings.

2) Bus

Upper Egypt Bus Co (Sharia Mohammed Farid) operates buses to Cairo (E£65, eight to 10 hours) daily at 9 pm and 10 pm. There’s one daily departure each to Asyut (E£15, three to four hours, 7 pm), Baris (E£7, one hour, 6 pm), and Dakhla Oasis (E£15, three hours, 2 pm). There’s no direct bus service to Luxor. You can either catch a bus to Asyut and change there, or hire a private taxi.

3) Microbus

The most convenient way to get to Dakhla (E£15, three hours) or Asyut (E£15, three to four hours), minivans leave when full from the microbus station (Midan Sho’ala).

4) Taxi

Special taxis can get you to Luxor (via Jaja) in three hours but will set you back about E£400. Cairo (seven hours) costs E£1000 for the whole car (maximum seven people).