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There’s a smattering of basic eateries around Midan Sho’ala, Sharia al-Adel and near Midan Basateen. Most are open for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, hit a felafel stand or a bakery.


This busy local eatery gets the thumbs up from people who are qualified to give such ratings and serves the usual Egyptian comestibles: grilled meats, salads, rice, and vegetables.

Pizza Ibn Al-Balad

Strike us down if this place doesn’t serve some of the best-darned fiteer (Egyptian pizza) in the oases. Deservedly, it’s one of the most popular places to eat. Choose from cheese, veggie, and tuna or beef toppings.


A small, friendly place serving roast chicken and kofta (minced meat and spices grilled on a skewer) accompanied by modest salads and vegetable dishes. The smell will lure you in.

Crepiano Cafe

If you’re craving something different, head for this newcomer on the scene. They’ll make you a crepe with virtually anything inside, from chocolate to sausage – or both together.