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Best Tours In Kharga Oasis

01) The Nile & Western Desert

Visit Cairo’s landmark Giza pyramids and historic towns of Memphis and Saqqara. Explore the Baharia Oasis home to special places like Pyramid and English Mountains and other sites. Explore ancient burial grounds in the Valley of the Mummies, conquer the Black and Flower Deserts and see amazing rock formations. Then visit the Dakhla Oasis with over 500 hot springs and other nearby places. Visit Bagawat Oasis and explore its old Christian cemetery and chapel. Then visit marvelous Luxor for a tour of its major sites like the Karnak and Luxor temples before returning to Cairo for more adventure

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02) Mysterious Oases and Nile Cruise

Travel to classic Cairo and visit the amazing pyramids, open air museum and market place. Visit the rustic Baharia Oasis and see old ruins, tombs, churches and nearby settlements. Traverse the vast desert and see unique rock formations and a magical landscape. Visit laid back Luxor with its amazing temples and the luxurious Nile Cruise with great dining and entertainment. Sail to sunny Aswan and enjoy a felucca ride around Kitchener’s Island and tour the High Dam. Visit the magnificent Abu Simble Temple for an enchanting light and sound show. Return to Cairo for a fascinating tour of the city

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