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Currency in Kom Ombo


Getting Around Kom Ombo

To/From the Airport, The airport is located 25km southwest of town.

A taxi to/from the airport costs about E£50 to E£80.

1) Bicycle

Aswan is not a great town for cycling. However, there are a few places at the train station end of Sharia as-Souq where you can hire bicycles for about E£15 a day. Bet al-Kerem runs cycling trips in the countryside.

2) Ferry 

public ferries (E£1) run to Elephantine Island; the one departing across from EgyptAir goes to the Aswan Museum, while the one across from Thomas Cook goes to Siou. A third public ferry (E£1) goes from the ferry landing across from the train station to West Aswan and the Tombs of the Nobles.

3) Taxi

A taxi tour that includes Philae, the High Dam, and the Unfinished Obelisk near Fatimid Cemetery costs around E£150 to E£200 for five to six people. Taxis can also take you on day trips to Daraw and/or Kom Ombo for about E£250. A taxi anywhere within the town costs E£5 to E£10. Servees (50pt) run along the ma