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Getting Around Luxor

Getting Around Luxor

Luxor airport is 7km east of town. There is no longer an official price for taxis from Luxor airport into town, so the drivers set their prices, often about E£70 to E£100 or more. Quite often there is not enough work for all the drivers, so when you try and take a taxi, a fight between drivers may erupt. In short, it is a major hassle, so if you want peace of mind, ask the hotel to arrange your transfer. There is no bus between the airport and the town.


The compact town lends itself to cycling, and distances on the generally flat west bank are just far enough to provide some exercise but not be exhausting (except when the weather is too hot). Cycling at night is inadvisable given the local habit of leaving car headlights off while driving. Many hotels rent out bikes. 

A good place to rent is from restaurant 7 days 7 ways, which also organizes cycling tours around Luxor. You can take bikes across to the west bank on the ferry. If you’re based on the west bank, there are several bike rentals near the ferry landing or ask at your hotel.


There is a multitude of feluccas to take you on short trips around Luxor, leaving from various points all along the river. How much you pay depends on your bargaining skills.


Also called a calèche, horse-drawn carriages cost depends on how far you want to go with your Hantour. Some people will use the Hantour between Luxor temple and Karnak temple, but the best experience ever is to ride the carriage by the evening to enjoy the city streets, local markets and above all the lighted up ancient monuments.  

Pick-up Taxis

Kabout (pick-up trucks) and microbuses are often the quickest and easiest way to get about in Luxor. They ply fixed routes and will stop whenever flagged down. To get to the Temples of Karnak, take a microbus from Luxor station or from behind Luxor Temple for 50pt. Other routes run inside the town.


There are plenty of taxis in Luxor, but passengers still have to bargain hard for trips. A short trip around town is likely to cost at least E£10. Taxis can also be hired for day trips around the west bank; expect to pay E£150 to E£250, depending on the length of the excursion and your bargaining skills.